THE +1% RULE – Secret Number THREE – (part 2 of 2)

Posted by antoninamanev

In the previous post I shared with you the importance of delivering your Customer Service with CONSISTENCY, which serves the need for trust and reliability your customers crave for.

However, the thing is that as much people are creatures of habits, they also like to be amused and their subconscious minds are always on the look for SOMETHING NEW. And here comes the +1 RULE. The Rule of +1% is simply defined as adding to your customer service one percent at a time.

Watch out, though – Before you can do this you must have your consistency perfected or it will never work.

This one percent may seem small, but if you approach the vision being created for your company with baby steps, you will find a huge increase over a solid chunk of time.

REMEMBER – This is not a sprint. This is a MARATHON.

  • Avoid doing too much at once. Give yourself and your staff a task for the week. Focus on one sequence of procedure and repeat until comfortable. Think of the confidence you and your employees will have when you improve one percent each week. By the end of a year, you’ll have improved more than 50%!
  • As much as rules and standards are necessary for growth, always be flexible with your best customers. Most retailers only allow a set number of items into a dressing room to reduce the risk of shoplifting, but it generally restricts the large percentage of people who are not stealing from you.

FLEXIBILITY is the key to what you deliver to your customers and CONSISTENCY is the key to how you deliver it.

The bottom line is customers rely on you to deliver what you promise and give them an experience that makes them feel good about themselves.

Focus on your vision and baby steps to turn your satisfied customers into Raving Fans.

I hope you’ve learned a lot about good customer service in this and the previous three lessons and how it’s essential to your overall success.

If you need help with any of the steps we’ve gone through over these four lessons let me hear of your specific challenges – leave your comments and questions.

and here is the SHORTCUT – GET IN TOUCH AND lets get YOU the strategies that will work for you.

Dedicated to Your Success!