Do You Hate Money?… or is it that Money Hates You?

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I recently had a conversation with a brilliant consultant, almost a top expert in a field, who at the close of a long career was facing a financially insecure retirement. There was bitterness over the unfairness in life, the devotion and loyalty to others instead to own, regrets for missing simple life luxuries because of long working hours and finally the revelation that the barter for ‘some money’ did not equate to a comfortable bottom line. After all, no one can live on gratitude and praise.

Eyes lowered, shoulders slumped, speech slow, voice low, tone deep, fingers crunching, shallow breathing. I listened…. patiently waiting for the moment when the word ‘money’ was said. At that precise moment I asked for permission to interrupt and fired A question: “Do you hate Money?” and waited…. There was a long pause of confusion and then a question came back to me, “What do you mean?”. I repeated the question and continued “…or is it that Money hates you?”.

There is a fine line between what you desire and what you allow yourself to have. Sometimes the fine line is mistakenly seen as a thick wall or a wide gap…

The brilliant consultant needed money to have a financially secure retirement but never allowed to believe that could have money in plenty and a lot. Because of a belief system that cripples a potentially loving relationship with ‘having a lot of money’ billions of brilliant people, business owners and entrepreneurs limit themselves and their potential to have the wealth that secures their fulfilment in life. Everyday I come across service providers undercutting their fees and selling their expertise as commodity because of no belief in their own value.

Many people including business owners have been mentally conditioned to behave in a certain way. They have specific beliefs… such as “in order to make more money, I have to work harder.” “Money is not important.” “Money is the root of all evil.” “No pain, no gain.” “Money doesn’t grow on trees.” “If I don’t do it myself, it will never get done.”

These beliefs lead to specific actions such as working more hours and putting forth more effort in a vain attempt to increase revenue and profits. That leads to specific results such as feelings of overwhelm, anxiety and frustration… and a deep-seated belief that more and more effort is required, even though results seldom if ever appear.

Do you know what your current beliefs may be costing you or your business today and what excuse do you use while paying the price?

How would you convince yourself to allow you have a lot of money, feel great and be a wonderful human being?

How a business owner can change the way they think about their business… and do so in such a way that it creates a dramatic increase in effectiveness and revenue.

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To your success,

Antonina Manev – Business Growth Strategist

P.S. Any resemblance to real people’s personal circumstances is coincidental. Client confidentiality is highly protected.

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