Mortar Makes It Happen – Does It REALLY???

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No one denies that setting good foundations for your business is important. I have read so many pages about ‘rules of business’, ‘setting THE right foundations’, ‘laying the concrete blocks’ and so on…

The truth is – it all works great in the beginning and then for a while. Until it is no longer great and it is like that for a while. Then WHAT??? Where do you start to remedy?

The thing is that once foundations are laid biz owners rarely re-visit them because they are ‘set’ – the rules say – ‘in mortar’, so they can not be flexed or reshaped or changed and that’s that. But doesn’t that sound as if they have red-taped themselves and don’t know that there are other ways?

OK – let me lift the blindfold!

There are the three keys to business development and they are not rules or bricks or mortar. You need them three at all times to move forward. They can be as flexible as your imagination and creativity and you can use them as often as you like and as much as you like – the more often the better. They are:



Innovation should not be confused with creativity, which is the expression of ideas. Innovation is taking these ideas and putting them into action. This is where a large amount of your focus should be in the beginning and throughout your business’ entire lifespan.


This, of course, refers to the numbers. We are talking about the value of your innovation. The best way to measure this is by your customer response. Look to positive responses for what you are doing right-and keep doing it. Look to your negative responses to find out what you’re doing wrong-and fix it. This will enable you to keep growing and progressing with the needs of your customers and business climate.


Once you’ve had a chance to find what areas are working, you can narrow down those areas and concentrate on making them the stand out ideas. You shift your focus here to get the most out of your business and to meet the needs of your customers.

We can help you work through these three areas to put together your flexible cycle during your FREE strategy consultation and look into the 7 specific areas you need to consider in your development process:

  • Primary Aim
  • Strategic Objectives
  • Organisational Strategy
  • Management Strategy
  • People Strategy
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Systems Strategy

These 7 areas will fine tune further your plan for the ultimate level of success.

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