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IT IS SAID that before you go out and spend on new goods to first look in your cupboards and check what you already have. So many of us have made the mistake of spending first to discover later we either had that hidden away or can apply little modification to make it usable. Is this because of our consumers’ way of thinking nowadays? Possibly.

When it comes to our phones and other technological devices and software, we usually upgrade, optimise, repair, exchange or use another form of recovery before we go out and spend our cash on a brand new one.

There is a difference in how we treat ‘matter’ that we own depending on the value we perceive. That leads us to differentiate two categories – commodities and valuables.

Now, if you think about your own business, you would instinctively classify it under ‘valuables’ for so many personal, financial, ethical, natural and ego reasons.

HERE is my point and the reason for the metaphor with the ‘cupboard’ – we rarely look INSIDE because the natural process and pull is to look forward and outward when it comes to thinking about increasing the business and profits – even when it is costly.

FIRST LOOK INSIDE – you are the best person who knows your business. You are the only one who knows the stashed secrets in its corners and where you may be procrastinating. Hard to know where to start?

With a little guidance and skilled steps, you can uncover some or a lot of potential revenue and real profits just waiting to be uncovered and areas to be upgraded or optimised at no or minimal cost.

If you contact me HERE and tell me more about your business, I will check at least 26 corners, de-clutter your business cupboard and show you what’s hiding. I will give you the profits figure that is rightfully yours and leave you with a step-by-step action plan. All you need to do is CONTACT ME and give me 60 MINUTES to show, tell and give you the UPGRADE of your business profits.

The most recently de-cluttered business brought in light £17K of hidden profits. An optimisation fetched £50K of revenue for another. They all chose to look in the cupboard.

Would you like to be the next?

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